Easy for the organization, easy for the user

Privaceasy is a GDPR Software program and a Privacy App for companies and users who want to manage personal data in a simple, transparent and secure way in compliance with current regulations.


Instant approvals by way QR Code


Can be Integrated with your website


Construct your privacy statement on our Templates


Pricing plans proportionate to your business


Thanks to privaceasy we no longer use huge amounts of paper
to be stored in the aphlandes

Using Privaceasy I has speeded up all the check-ins of our customers
both domestic and international

Treating sensitive data even of children privacy is a very important topic for us. Through the contacts forms of privaceasy everything has become faster and more automatic

Thanks to the approval of the information through the QR Code my customers no longer have to withdraw yet another paper sheet but only my books and their photographs

With Privaceasy my customers are able to computerize most of the tasks in the privacy field with great savings of time and money

Thanks to privaceasy we can propose to our customers
safe and professional privacy service

A company made me download the privaceasy app and sign its privacy, I thought it was its practice instead other companies asked me to use the same App that I had already installed on my smartphone. I marveled, but now it’s become normal!

With the privaceasy App I have under hand all the privacy scares that I have approved and I can change them at any time.
Now that’s transparency!

We were looking for software that would integrate and connect the various privacy touchpoints. With privaceasy we found it!

Absolute innovation in the field of privacy, innovative software product and suitable for all our customers

Being able to send emails and real estate proposals to all our clients who through privaceasy have authorized me is priceless!
Everything faster and more immediate while respecting privacy

We were wasting hours and hours signing, organizing, and cataloguing all of our customers’ paper privacy in miles. Finally came the solution!


Not just a piece of software but a team of consultants

Privaceasy also offers a GDPR consultancy service, compile the free questionnaire.

Click here to find out if you comply

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